The clearest plans for the most amazing designer furniture


Can you make that nice piece of furniture if you have a good design and a clear easy plan?

Of course you can! It’s easier than you think… on this website you’ll find a large number of modern DIY furniture plans, especially designed for you to build yourself. The plans cost about as much as a pot of paint. For that you get a beautiful design, a proven step-by-step manual and useful extras, such as a cutting list, cutting diagram and relevant furniture makers’ tips. Take a look at Reviews with photos of furniture that our customers have already made: the pleasure of making it yourself shines through.

Make your own beautiful furniture with help from our design drawings

Are you a handyman or DIY’er? With our design plans and diagrams you can soon have a really nice piece of furniture in your house or garden. In our manuals you’ll find clever cabinetmakers tricks that will help you build a stunning piece of furniture.

Or do you like our furniture designs, but can’t see yourself making them? You can of course ask a handy friend, family member or neighbour to help you. Or you could also take our design plan to a furniture maker or carpenter and ask them to make it for you: since the design, construction, cutting list and material list are already done, you should save a fair amount on the labour cost. Professionals who would like to make use of our designs & drawings are kindly requested to contact us with regards to copyright.

A lounge sofa tv-cabinet loft bed double bed or nursery furniture

All of our furniture has been especially designed such that anyone with basic DIY or handyman skills can make them. That means that you do not need any special tools, specific knowledge or experience. If you have a jigsaw and a drill and know how to handle them, then you can simply make most of our furniture yourself. The panels must generally be cut with a circular saw, but you can ask your DIY store, hardware shop or wood merchant to do this for you.

It is very easy to incorporate your own changes to dimensions and/or the overall design. The clear manual, dimensioned drawings, cutting list and instructions will give you the self-confidence to do this.

Each manual & plan consists of a nicely produced 16 page A4 brochure. They therefore make ideal presents for keen DIY’ers or for the handyman in your life! At the start you’ll find a list of necessary materials such as wood (panel, sheet or board material), screws (size and quantity), glue and any other parts. Also stated here is which tools you will need, a cutting list with the dimensions of all the cut components, and a cutting plan: this drawing shows how you can cut the pieces as optimally as possible from the larger panels. After that comes the step-by-step manual detailing how to construct the furniture, with nice clear diagrams and precise explanations.