Neo-Eko furniture is designed by Rob Nieuwenhuizen, professional designer and furniture maker with 20 years experience. The manuals are made by Karin Eken, graphic designer. Together, in addition to the furniture plans, we have a design agency for graphic and interior design: Nieuw-Eken Ontwerp (Dutch language only).


Neo-Eko ecology

We find that making your own furniture – with or without manual and plans – is ‘neo-eko’. It’s up to you how eco-friendly ‘eko’ is. If you choose sustainably grown wood (e.g. FSC) then you are already heading in the right direction. The same also applies to the finish you choose: soaps or oils, water based paints or natural varnishes?
But the greatest ‘EKO’ benefit lies in the building itself. A self-built piece of furniture is almost always a precious piece of furniture that does not disappear quickly into the trash. Home-made cribs and cots have the strange ability to be transmitted down through the generations. And that is exactly the idea: we deliver timeless design and you make a timeless piece of furniture. We think that is sustainable. Or EKO, if you will.

Neo-Eko Dutch Design Furnitureplans

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Note: all of our work is copyrighted

The furniture plans are developed by us with great care and are for personal use only. Making the designs, manuals and blueprints is a lot of work and part of our livelihood. Please respect our hard work and do not spread the PDFs over the internet (or anywhere else!).
All of our work: the furniture designs, artwork and text is copyrighted. See our Terms of use and disclaimer.


Furniture by Rob Nieuwenhuizen

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Conference table, 24 persons
solid cherry


Handleless kitchen custom
birch and laminate


Conference table, 24 persons
with special table base


Wall cabinet in maple veneer

Moderne greeploze keuken op maat

Modern handle-free kitchen


Signage-signs for
C-mill. Graphic design: Karin Eken