Are you looking for a beautiful bed to make yourself, with or without bedside tables? Here you can find design plans for special beds that you can simply make yourself. The style is characterized by a no-nonsense Dutch Design approach. There’s just a small price to pay for these unique designs of bed. For that, you will receive an original design with detailed diagrams and clear DIY instructions, cutting list and, where necessary, a cutting plan.

Building drawing single bed Sol

Single bed Sol

Easy-to-make single bed with playful feet and matching bedside cabinet.
€12,95 (Dutch version only)

Drawing DIY plan double bed 'Azobe'

Double bed Azobe  en

Japanese inspired, balanced design of double bed with matching bedside cabinets.

Drawing DIY plan double bed 'Hayeda'

Double bed Hayeda  en

Double bed with comfortable sloping backrest and integrated “night shelves”.

Build yourself: double high sleeper Carlota

Double loft bed Carlota  en

Large loft Carlota: extra living space under your bed.

DIY: Ideal for a small home: this double bunk bed creates extra living space and storage space.

Double loft bed Carlos  en

Double Loft bed Carlos: an attractive space in a room!

preview-DIY Loft bed AnaXL drawins / plans

Double loft bed Ana XL  en

This double version of our beloved loft bed Ana looks daring, but it really works!

Furniture plans for diy loft Ana with shelves and small desk

Loft bed Ana  en

With help from our design plan, you can easily make this beautiful high bed yourself.

Drawing DIY plans loft bed 'Wolf'

Loft bed with desk Wolf  en

Loft bed Wolf: a sleek, smart high bed with integrated desk and ample storage space.

cot cot children's room make yourself with working drawing

Cot / crib León  en

Elegant crib with adjustable base

“The tv-stand is showing off!”

“It was quite successful. I had never made anything but thanks to the description it was very simple.”

icon-Drawing DIY plan bed 'Sol'
Bed Sol by Mirjam
“It was fantastic !!! I sleep lovely now, really GREAT !!! Am proud of myself, haha
Thanks for this great project !!”
Drawing DIY plan double bed 'Azobe'
Double Bed Azobe by Monique
“A solid, sturdy bunk beds that was very nice to build, using the drawings. It tastes like more!”
Drawing DIY plans bunk bed 'Thor'
DIY Bunk Thor by Antwan and Edith

View beds made by our customers

With Neo-Eko design plans for beds, you can easily customize your furniture as you like. Thanks to the good design, the clear instructions and diagrams invite you to make your own modifications. In the photos and reports from our many satisfied clients, you can get an idea of what is possible. Not just altering dimensions, but also changing the layout and adding new elements such as a higher backrest. View the photos of completed furniture that our customers have sent us. With our blueprint DIY designs for beds, you have everything in your own hands, including choice of material and finish.