Are you looking for special furniture for the children’s room, such as a crib or cot, dresser or wardrobe? Here you can find really special design plans for nursery furniture that you can simply build yourself. We currently have two sets: Leon and Nicole. You can purchase the construction manuals individually or as a set of two or three matching pieces of furniture. These unique designs, aimed specifically at the average DIY’er or handyman, have a modest price, and there is a discount if you purchase a set of two or three. For that you get a professional and original design, with detailed drawings, comprehensive instructions, a list of materials, a cutting list and useful tips.

cot cot children's room make yourself with working drawing

Cot / crib León  en

Elegant crib with adjustable base

Furniture plans of children's room Leon

Dresser León  en

Elegant dresser / changing table with four spacious drawers

Furniture plans of children's room Leon: cabinet Leon

Wardrobe León  en

Elegant two-door wardrobe / closet with shelves and a hanging rail

Impression construction drawing: making cot Nicole yourself

Cot / crib Nicole

Playful and stable cot with adjustable base
€12,95 (DUTCH version only)

nicole-children's room-commode-make-yourself

Dresser Nicole

Playful dresser / changing table with four spacious drawers
€12,95 (DUTCH version only)

Impression furniture work drawing: making nicole's own cabinet

Wardrobe Nicole

Playful children’s two-door wardrobe / closet with shelves and a hanging rail
€14,95 (DUTCH version only)

Furniture plans of children's room Leon

Nursery León  en

Elegant nursery furniture
€19,95 – €24,95

children's room furniture cot chest of drawers cabinet cheerfully original make yourself with furniture work drawing

Nursery Nicole

Playful nursery furniture
€19,95 – 24,95 (Dutch version only)

“Nursery is ready! We have made some changes here and there, so it all was to our liking.”
icon Drawing DIY plans nursery 'Leon'
Nursery León made by Janneke
“For the dresser, I have created a separate / additional attachment to achieve more workspace. And in the future, we’ll have a nice wardrobe!”
icon Drawing DIY plans dresser 'Leon'
Dresser León by I.B.
“It all fits very nicely together, the plans have helped really well.”
icon Drawing DIY plans nursery 'Leon'
Cot León by Janneke

View children’s furniture made by our customers

With Neo-Eko DIY construction manuals for nursery furniture, you can easily customize your furniture as you like. Thanks to the good design, the clear instructions and diagrams invite you to make your own modifications. In the photos and reports from our many satisfied clients, you can get an idea of what is possible. Not just altering dimensions, but also changing the layout or adding new elements such as a small table or extension piece. View the photos of completed furniture that our customers have sent us. With our blueprint designs for the nursery, you have everything in your own hands, including choice of material and the finish of your children’s bed, chest of drawers or clothes cupboard.