Work drawing single bed Sol


Drawing of single bed Sol: sleek and solid bed

Single self-build design bed with playful legs and a simple self-made, matching bedside table. Clear and sleek design, solid construction.

  • Sleek, modern design
  • Easy to customize
  • Clear work drawings
  • Clear guide
  • Sawlist
  • Appropriate furniture maker tips
  • Tried and proven, see “made beds”


Single bed Sol, realized by customers with our building drawing

Click on the photos to see more and larger pictures of furniture made by customers

Photo DIY bed 'Sol' by
Photo DIY bed 'Sol' by
Photo DIY bed 'Sol' by
Bed Sol made by Rob

Build your own design single bed

Build a bed, for yourself or for your child. That’s tough and satisfying. This bed can be made from any sheet material: plywood, mdf or solid. Preferably, the corners of this bed should be petrified: the most beautiful solution because with such a sleek and sober design the accents get all the attention. But the working drawing also describes a variant with a regular angle solution. Excluding slatted base, including matching bedside table with drawer.

The design

We have tried to design as beautiful a single bed as possible. We took into account a number of specific things in this bed:
We pay a lot of attention to keeping screw joints out of sight as much as possible. We also describe in the furniture drawing how you can possibly make connections with dowels in some places. So you don’t need screws at all. Do you want to paint the furniture in a opaque color. Then you can do enough to get rid of screw joints neatly using filler. Our furniture makers’ tips describe how to do this.
We also always try to get the furniture from standard sizes of wood as efficiently as possible.

For beginners and experienced handymen

Finally, the design is tailored to the possibilities and limitations of the DIY and his/her tools. If you have a handsaw (sometimes jigsaw) and drill and can handle it, you can make all our furniture, so to speak. If you have professional tools, it only gets easier. To cut the panels, we recommend the use of a circular saw. You can also have your wood supplier do this. Look, to get an idea about the availability and cost of sheet material, also buy on our furniture maker tip Sheet Material.

… make your own adjustments

As you may have seen from the photos of made furniture, it is very easy to make changes to the dimensions and/or design yourself. The clear saw list and building drawings will automatically give you the confidence to do so.

The work drawings pack / the building drawing

The work drawings package consists of a nicely crafted brochure on A4 format. At the start you will find the list of necessities such as the wood (sheet material) and screws (size and number), glue and any other parts. It also shows what tools you need, and a cutting list with the sizes of the parts of the furniture to be cut.
Each piece of furniture includes a number of appropriate furniture making tips on material selection, sawing, screwing, adhesives, sanding and lacquering, etc. When doveling is mentioned as an alternative, an explanation is also included. Enough to get started with confidence.
Finally, in a roadmap, the manual for the assembly of the furniture follows. With clear drawings and clear explanations.

Below you can see three pages from the furniture drawing of single bed Sol.

Preview drawing DIY single bed 'Sol' 3-pages

Additional information


Bed: H 35 x L 204.5 x W 84.5 / 94.5 cm. Bedside table: H 35 x L 40.5 x W 39.5 cm., Suitable for a mattress of 80×200 / 90×200 cm, but easy to adjust to other mattress sizes.


Sheet material: plywood, mdf or solid, thickness 18 mm, screws, preferably torx or inbus, white wood glue, material of your choice for finishing: lacquer stain e.g. sandpaper K 120, K 180 (evt K 220)


This piece of furniture is easy to disassemble for storage or transport.


Sawing (handsaw, jigsaw), drilling, screwing, gluing, possibly doveling


Handsaw / jigsaw, (battery) drill, drills 2,3,4 and 5 mm, sink drill, screwdriver / bits, if necessary, dowelset

Booklet A4

16 pages A4 with cutlist frame, saw plan, clear drawings, clear explanations and smart furniture making tips.

No postage costs

Free shipping within the Netherlands and Belgium. Other countries: €1.50

Dutch design

All furniture is our own design, inspired by architecture and interior design.

Flexible design

With the manual and drawings, it is easy to make changes to the dimensions and/or design.

PDF Download

No Booklet, PDF download €12.95


  1. Suzan

    Gisteren het bed in elkaar gezet. Fluitje van een cent. Gelakt in de favoriete kleuren van onze zoon en klaar. Een strook LED-lampjes eronder maakt het bed extra bijzonder. Wij gaan op zoek naar andere ontwerpen, want dit is ons zeer goed bevallen!
    Goed afwerken was zeer simpel met alle goede tips in de instructie. Echt te gek.
    Het nachtkastje wordt over een paar weken gemaakt. Maar nu is daar geen tijd voor.
    We hopen dat we met deze mooie foto’s anderen inspireren.
    Dank jullie wel, namens onze zoon!

  2. Jelte

    Het is allemaal gelukt, mijn zoontje slaapt er nu al enige tijd in!
    En, al zeg ik het zelf, het resultaat mag er zijn.
    Mijn zoon, van net 2 jaar, heeft zelf de kleur uitgekozen.

    Het hout had ik besteld bij bdevrieshouthandel. Zij hebben het netjes voor mij op maat gezaagd, daar had ik dus zelf weinig werk aan. Het meeste werk ging zitten in het verven en afwerken van het geheel.

    Ik had gekozen voor 12mm MDF, aangezien het mijn eerste projectje was en niet zeker was of het wat ging worden.
    Maar het was leuk om te doen, en zeker voor herhaling vatbaar.

  3. Mirjam

    “Hij is heel goed gelukt. Ik had nog nooit iets gemaakt maar dankzij de beschrijving was het heel eenvoudig. Ik heb de maten wat aangepast omdat we wat schuine muren hebben. Hij past precies! “

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