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Design plan for double bed Azobe: minimalistic and super solid bed

Japanese inspired, minimalist form. A simple design, but nicely spacious and very stable. You can make this bed with, for example, standard sized 28 mm thick deal or pine that is available in most DIY shops, hardware stores or timber merchants. Matching bedside cabinets are included in the package, with clear instructions and diagrams throughout. An easy way to build yourself a beautiful, unique bed.



Double bed plan Azobe, photos taken by customers

Click on the photos to see more of this bed, made by people like you, and to read about the experiences of our customers using the manual and design plan for this bed. “We are very satisfied with the blueprint that we received from you. We fell for the design’s clean lines – very nice…” >> >> Read more under ‘Reviews’.

Photo DIY double bed 'Azobe' by
DIY Bed Azobe built by Joyce
Photo DIY double bed 'Azobe' by

Build your own designer double bed

Double bed Azobe: a minimalist design. Preferably the corners should be mitered (= cut at an angle of 45 degrees): the best solution because the accents get all the attention in such a clean and sober design. But in the manual we also describe how you can join the corners with simpler “butt joints” (straight-end to straight-end).

The design

We have naturally tried to design as beautiful a bed as possible. For this bed, we have taken account of a few specific things:

We have naturally tried to make the design as beautiful as possible. For this double bed, we have taken particular account of a few things. We have tried as far as possible to hide all screws. We also detail how, in some places, you can use dowels to join pieces together, such that you don’t need any screws. If you want to paint the unit, you can neatly hide any remaining evidence of screws with help from some filler. In our tips for furniture makers we describe how you can do this.

Finally, the design takes account of the capabilities and limitations of a typical DIY’er and their tools. If you have a hand saw (and in some cases a jigsaw) and a drill and know how to handle them, then you should be able to make all of our TV furniture. To cut the panels, we recommend the use of a circular saw, but you can usually ask your wood supplier to do this for you.

… adjustments

As you might have already seen in the photos of finished furniture, it’s really easy to make changes to the dimensions and/or design. The cutting list and design drawings help to give you the confidence to make any changes you like.

The manual / design plan and drawings

The downloadable manual is in the form of an A4 booklet for you to print out yourself. At the start you’ll find a list of necessities, such as the wood (board or sheet material), screws (size and quantity), glue and any other parts. Also listed are the tools that you will need and a cutting list with dimensions of all the parts that make up the piece of furniture.

Each furniture plan contains a number of relevant tips about choice of material, sawing, screws, glue, sanding, painting, varnishing, etc. When dowels are given as an alternative, there is also a detailed explanation so that you can get started with full confidence.

Finally, there is a detailed step-by-step plan for the construction of the furniture, with clear diagrams and simple explanations.

double bed diy furniture plan preview Azobe
Our plans are complete and proven. From an experienced carpenter or woodworker to an enthusiastic DIY’er with basic skills, you can now build yourself an original double bed.

Additional information


Height 37.5 cm x length 206.5 cm x width 166.5 / 186.5 cm (excluding bedside cabinets). Width of bedside cabinets: 43.5 cm., designed for two mattresses 80×200 / 90×200 cm, but simple to adjust for other mattress sizes.


Plywood, MDF or solid wooden planks, thickness 28 and 15 mm, screws, preferably Torx, Spax or similar, white wood glue, material of choice for finishing: paint, varnish, stain, etc, sandpaper 120, 180 grit


Easy to take apart, for example for storage or transportation.


Sawing (hand saw, jig saw), drilling, fixing screws, glueing, possibly using dowels, possibly mitering.


Handsaw / jigsaw, (Battery) drill, Drill bits 2, 3, 5 & 5 mm, Countersink bit, Screwdriver / bits


16 pages of A4 with cutting list, cutting diagram, clear drawings & instructions and useful tips

Dutch design

Professional own design, clean, elegant and spacious.

Flexible design

With the manual and drawings it’s easy to modify dimensions and/or the design.


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