DIY design double bed ‘Hayeda’


Design plan for double bed Hayeda: elegant and super solid bed

Dutch designer Rietveld-inspired, minimalist form. A simple design, but nicely spacious and very stable.

  • Light, playfull and original design,
  • Make yourself, also for beginners
  • Clear manual with step by step instructions
  • Building it yourself is fun!
  • Cutting listst, material list and saw plan incuded


Build your own bed: NEW furniture plans of double bed Hayeda

Below pictures of our customers. As you can see, one of the three is completely according to the drawing, the others are adapted versions of the builders. Click on the pictures to see more and larger pictures of these beds, and to read about the experiences our customers have with the manual and construction drawings of this bed.
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​​Make this bed yourself: your own design double bed

Hayeda double bed: modern Dutch Design, sleek without getting boring. The design of the bed is tailored to the possibilities and limitations of the do-it-yourselfer and his / her tools. If you have and can handle a handsaw (sometimes jigsaw) and drill, you can make all our furniture. If you have professional tools, it will only get easier.

​​Material and tools

The design of the bed is based on a bed board made of 28 mm thick material. You can use a solid wood such as pine or spruce or another more exotic type of wood or even scaffolding wood for this. Even MDF, which is very suitable for painting and easy to work with, can also be used for this. All other parts are made of 18 mm thick material, so there is also plenty of choice here.

We recommend using a circular saw/plunge saw to cut the panels. But you can also have this done by your wood supplier.

​​The design of this double bed

We have tried again to design an elegant and light-footed double bed. We have taken a number of specific things into account with this bed:
In the working drawings we pay a lot of attention to keeping screw connections out of sight as much as possible. We also describe in the furniture plan how you can make joints with dowels, so that you do not need any screws at all. If you want to paint the furniture in an opaque color, it is sufficient to neatly hide screw connections with the help of filler.
Then we always try to get the furniture from standard dimensions wood as efficiently as possible.

​​… adjustments

As you might have already seen in the photos of finished furniture, it’s really easy to make changes to the dimensions and/or design. The clear cutting list and design drawings help to give you the confidence to make any changes you like.

​​The manual / design plan and drawings

The downloadable manual is in the form of an A4 booklet for you to print out yourself. At the start you’ll find a list of necessities, such as the wood (board or sheet material), screws (size and quantity), glue and any other parts. Also listed are the tools that you will need and a cutting list with dimensions of all the parts that make up the piece of furniture. Double bed Hayeda also has a cutting plan, which shows the most optimal way to cut the individual pieces from standard sized boards.

​​Tips and tricks

Each furniture plan contains a number of relevant tips about choice of material, sawing, screws, glue, sanding, painting, varnishing, etc. When dowels are given as an alternative, there is also a detailed explanation so that you can get started with full confidence. Finally, there is a detailed step-by-step plan for the construction of the furniture, with clear diagrams and simple explanations.

Example pages from the manual

Preview Drawing DIY plan double bed 'Hayeda' 3-pages

Voorbeeld van enkele pagina’s uit het werktekeningenpakket

Preview Drawing DIY plan double bed 'Hayeda' 3-pages

Additional information


H 90 x L 223 x B 236/256 cm (Width bedside tables and headend). Suitable voor 2 matrasses van 80×200 / 90×200 cm, but easily adaptable to other dimensions


Plywood, MDF or solid wooden planks,
1 sheet thickness 28 and 1 sheet 18 mm,
3 spruce beams about 44x40x2000 mm.screws, preferably Torx, Spax or similar, white wood glue, material of choice for finishing: paint, varnish, stain, etc, sandpaper 120, 180 grit


Easy to take apart, for example for storage or transportation.


Sawing (hand saw, jig saw), drilling, fixing screws, glueing, possibly using dowels, possibly mitering.


Handsaw / jigsaw, (Cordless) drill, Drill bits 2, 3, 4 & 5 mm, Countersink bit, Screwdriver / bits

Brochure A4 PDF

16 pages of A4 with cutting list, clear drawings & instructions and useful tips

No shipping

PDF download

Dutch design

Professional own design, clean, elegant and spacious.

Flexible design

With the manual and drawings it’s easy to modify dimensions and/or the design to suit your own needs.

booklet of PDF

-, PDF-download


  1. Gerard

    Het is helemaal gelukt met het bouwen. Ik heb wel op een aantal punten van het ontwerp afgeweken.
    Ik ben super blij met mijn nieuwe bed. Dus hartelijk bedankt voor de tekeningen!

  2. Sjaak

    Het bed wat ik gemaakt heb staat in ons huis in Spanje. We gaan in april daar heen .
    Dan maak ik een paar foto’s en die stuur ik op.

  3. Roos

    vorige week hebben we de bouwtekening van het bed gedownload en inmiddels hebben we er al twee nachten in geslapen!
    We hebben het bed zelf wat aangepast naar onze wensen:
    – we hebben alles wit geschilderd, behalve de poten en de latten tegen de rugleuning. Die zijn nu van blank hout. Omgedraaid dus zoals jullie het hebben gedaan
    – onze lattenbodems en matrassen zijn samen 1.40 meter breed. Dus we hebben in de breedte de maten aangepast, dit was erg eenvoudig!
    – we hebben de nachtkastjes niet gemaakt, omdat we die al hadden. We hebben daarom de poten die bij het voeteneind zitten ook bij het hoofdeinde gemaakt.

    Het bed is voor een ‘leek’ goed te maken, al kost alles op maat zagen en voorboren gewoon wel veel tijd en concentratie. Maar dit is logisch. De handleiding was zeer duidelijk en de beschrijving compleet. We hebben wat kleine aanpassingen nav. de handleiding.

    Al met al zijn we zeer blij met het resultaat! Het bed is zeer stevig, kraakt niet en oogt goed. Het slaapt daarnaast heerlijk!

  4. Marcel

    Dank voor het vakwerk, ben er zeer blij mee en plaatjes komen er ongetwijfeld ooit een keer aan…J

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