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Nursery furniture León: playful closet, dresser and bed

Children’s room León. Three specially designed pieces of furniture for a child’s room: a cot / crib, a changing table and a wardrobe. All three have the same playful style, standing as they do on fun, tapered legs.

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Nursery furniture Leon, built by our customers with this manual

Click on the pictures to see more photos of self-made furniture, and to read about the experiences of those who made them.

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Furniture plans: DIY nursery crib, dresser and closet Leon

With these three furniture plans you can build your very own unique nursery! A cot with adjustable bed base, a chest of drawers with four spacious drawers and a wardrobe with a hanging rail and lots of closet space. The furniture blueprints and step-by-step manual show you how to easily make this modern, stylish furniture yourself. The design plan for the dresser describes two variants: one with steel drawer guides and one with traditional wooden runners.

The design

All three pieces from the children’s series Leon stand on tapered legs, giving them a cheerful, light-hearted appearance. The corners should preferably be mitered (= cut at an angle of 45 degrees), because the accents get all the attention in such a clean and straightforward design. But in the manual we also describe how you can join the corners with simpler “butt joints” (straight-end to straight-end).

We have given a lot of thought to screw connections and trying to keep them out of sight. We also describe how to make joints with dowels in some places, so you do not need screws at all. If you want to paint the furniture, you can neatly hide any remaining evidence of screws with help from some filler. In our furniture makers tips we describe how you can do this. In this case, mitred joints are of course not necessary.

We have naturally taken safety into account when designing the nursery furniture. All three pieces are very stable and the crib meets the safety requirements regarding the distance between the bars and the height of the side walls relative to the bed base. We should point out that we have adopted the latter only recently (October 2014). That’s why you might still see photos and pictures of Leon cot with lower side walls. Better design wise and ergonomically, we think, but ultimately of course we should adhere to the latest safety rules.

The design takes account of the capabilities and limitations of a typical DIY’er and their tools. If you have a hand saw (and in some cases a jigsaw) and a drill and know how to handle them, then you should be able to make all of our furniture. We advise that you have the pieces cut to size by your wood supplier. If you have access to professional tools, then of course it will be even easier.

… adjustments

As you might have already seen in the photos of clients who built these pieces of nursery furniture, it’s really easy to make changes to the dimensions and/or design, and many have already done so. The clear cutting list and design drawings help to give you the confidence to make any changes you like.

The manual / design plan and drawings

The downloadable DIY manual is in the form of an A4 booklet for you to print out yourself. At the start you’ll find a list of necessities, such as the wood (board or sheet material), screws (size and quantity), glue and any other parts. Also listed are the tools that you will need and a cutting list with dimensions of all the parts that make up the piece of furniture.

Each furniture plan contains a number of relevant tips about choice of material, sawing, screws, glue, sanding, painting, varnishing, etc. When dowels are given as an alternative, there is also a detailed explanation so that you can get started with full confidence.

Finally, there is a detailed step-by-step plan for the construction of each piece of furniture with clear diagrams and simple explanations.

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Booklet A4

Ongeveer 16 pagina's A4 per boekje, met zaaglijst, duidelijke tekeningen, heldere uitleg en slimme meubelmakerstips.

Geen portokosten

Gratis verzending binnen Nederland en België. Overige landen: €1,50

Dutch design

Alle meubels zijn eigen ontwerpen, geïnspireerd op de laatste designtrends op het gebied van architectuur en interieur.

Flexibel ontwerp

Met de handleiding en tekeningen is het makkelijk om wijzigingen in de maatvoering en/of het ontwerp aan te brengen.

Jij kan het ook!

In het ontwerp is rekening gehouden met de mogelijkheden en beperkingen van de doe-het-zelver en zijn/haar gereedschap.


Zagen (handzaag, decoupeerzaag), boren, schroeven, lijmen, eventueel deuvelen.


Handzaag / decoupeerzaag, (accu) boormachine, boortjes 2,3,4 en 5 mm, verzinkboor, schroevendraaier / bitjes, eventueel deuvelsetje

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