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Only Dutch version available

Why is outdoor furniture often so unattractive? Not our sofa TejedaXL! This modern, elegant corner sofa with matching table can be made completely from sheet or board material, such as birch or pine plywood, old scaffold boards or special concrete shuttering plywood (with a reddish-brown waterproof epoxy topcoat). Using our manual and design plan you can easily make this cool piece of furniture yourself. The cushions can be bought off-the-shelf, or custom made.

Only Dutch version currently available – please drop us an email if you are interested and we’ll let you know as soon as the English version is ready!



Lounge corner sofa Yelmo XL, built by our customers with this manual

Unfortunately, no photos of the lounge set Tejeda XL are available yet, because it is a new model. See pictures of other furniture made by our customers. Introductory offer: send us photos of your final result within 6 weeks after purchase and receive the purchase price of the furniture plan! Click on the photos to see more and larger photos of other lounge sets, and to read the experiences of our customers.

Photo DIY garden corner sofa 'YelmoXL' by
DIY Build it yourself lounge YelmoXL by Fokelien
DIY Lounge sofa YelmoXL by Paul, Design Neo-Eko
Lounge sofa making: YelmoXL built by Coby and Gerard

Build this elegant, stylish corner sofa yourself with our design plan

The manual for corner sofa TejedaXL describes how to make a three-seater sofa, a two-seater sofa, and a small table. They can all be joined together in various corner combinations, or possibly also free-standing. From the design drawings and cutting list you could easily come up with other variations, such as a single-seater instead of the two-seater, and so on.
The dimensions of the seat cushions are 62 x 62 cm and the back cushions 62 x ± 40 cm. Ikea might have ready-made cushions in these sizes. You could also make them yourself, or have them made for you (search online).
For wood for this furniture, we advise using plywood: for example birch plywood, pine plywood, or concrete shuttering plywood. You can also use old scaffold planks, but then you’ll have to make a few calculations and adjustments to account for the slightly different thickness. To cut the panels, we recommend the use of a circular saw/plunge saw. You can usually ask your wood supplier to do this for you.

The design

We have naturally tried to design the nicest piece of furniture possible. For this corner sofa, we have taken account of a number of specific things.
The furniture is easy to take apart so that it can be stored away in the winter if necessary.
We have tried as far as possible to hide all screws. For screws that remain visible, you’ll find instructions on how to camouflage them. If you want to paint the sofa, you can neatly hide any remaining evidence of screws with help from some filler. In our furniture makers tips we describe how you can do this.
We always try to make our furniture as efficiently as possible from standard size sheet or board material. Corner sofa TejedaXL (two-seater, three-seater, and table) can be made from three standard 122 x 244 cm sheets.
Finally, the design takes account of the capabilities and limitations of a typical DIY’er and their tools. If you have a hand saw (and in some cases a jigsaw) and a drill and know how to handle them, then you should be able to make all of our furniture. If you have access to professional tools, then of course it will be even easier.

… adjustments

As you might have already seen in the photos of finished furniture, it’s really easy to make changes to the dimensions and/or design. The clear cutting list and design drawings help to give you the confidence to make any changes you like.

The manual / design plan and drawings

The downloadable manual is in the form of an A4 booklet for you to print out yourself. At the start, you’ll find a list of necessities, such as the wood (board or sheet material), screws (size and quantity), glue, and any other parts. Also listed are the tools that you will need and a cutting list with dimensions of all the parts that make up the piece of furniture. Corner sofa TejedaXL also has a cutting plan, which shows the most optimal way to cut the individual pieces from standard-sized boards.

Each furniture plan contains a number of relevant tips about choice of material, sawing, screws, glue, sanding, painting, varnishing, etc. When dowels are given as an alternative, there is also a detailed explanation so that you can get started with full confidence. Finally, there is a detailed step-by-step plan for the construction of the furniture, with clear diagrams and simple explanations.

Example pages from the manual

diy dutch design corner sofa preview Yelmo XL
DIY Build it yourself TejedaXL

Additional information


Length 210/205 cm x Depth 81 cm x Height 67 cm


Wood: plywood, 18 mm thick, 3 standard sheets, screws (preferably Torx, Spax or similar), waterproof expanding glue, material of choice for finishing: paint, varnish, etc., sandpaper 120, 180 and possibly 220 grit


Easy to take apart, for example for storage or transportation.


Sawing (handsaw / jigsaw), Drilling, Screwing, Glueing


Handsaw / jigsaw, (Cordless) drill, Drill bits 2, 3, 4 & 5 mm, Countersink bit, Screwdriver / bits


20 pages of A4 with cutting list, clear drawings & instructions and useful tips

No shipping

PDF download

Dutch design

All pieces of furniture are of our own design, inspired by the latest trends in architecture and interior design.

Flexible design

With the manual and drawings it’s easy to modify dimensions and/or the design to suit your own needs.

You can do it (too)!

The design takes account of the capabilities and limitations of the DIY’er and their tools.


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