Furniture plan double high sleeper Carlota


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Large loft Carlota: extra living space under your bed

Ideal for a small home: this double high sleeper creates a lot of extra living space.

  • Stable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Beautiful and smart design
  • Not difficult!
  • Professional manual, 20 pages A4


Double high sleeper Carlota and Carlos, realized by customers with our building plan

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Double sleeper Carlota: build your own high sleeper!

With this high sleeper you make optimal use of a small space. The double bed is largely out of sight and underneath it creates a cozy corner to sit or store things. The stairs to the bed is at the same time a wall cabinet.. or the cabinet is a staircase at the same time, it’s just how you look at it. By the way, the high sleeper can also be made without this staircase/cabinet.
On the two sides next to the bed is a generous space with a smart sliding board for your alarm clock and all the other things you like to have at hand.

This high sleeper looks light and airy because it is hung on both sides of the wall. With an ordinary concrete or brick wall this is no problem at all. But, it can be mounted to a drywall as well, if you use the wall studs. In case you don’t trust your walls: the plan also includes a variant with support of two additional pillars.

Due to the suspension on the wall, the construction of this bed is fairly simple, so that even relatively little material is needed. You can build this high sleeper of any kind of sheet material. Underlayment is a good budget choice and has a warm, cozy look. MDF is also possible: this is even cheaper and ideal if you want to paint or spray the bed in a covering color.

To cut the panels, we recommend the use of a plate saw/circular saw. You can also have your wood supplier do this. Look, to get an idea about the availability and cost of sheet material, sawing and delivery also buy on our furniture maker tip Sheet material

The design

With this design, we have tried to reduce material use to save costs. The result is a smart and practical high sleeper that looks spacious and also creates visual space. In this high sleeper, we have taken into account a number of specific things:

We pay a lot of attention to keeping screw joints out of sight as much as possible. Although almost all joints are screwed, few screws are in sight. Actually only some of the beam construction. If you want to paint the furniture in a covering color, you can do enough to get rid of screw joints neatly using filler. Our furniture makers’ tips describe how to do this. There is no screw visible on the entire box/staircase.

Then we always try to get the furniture from standard size sheet material as efficiently as possible. This high sleeper requires 5 standard plates (244 x 122 cm). A significant part of this is in the stairs/cabinet: it is double-executed for the look and the sturdiness.

Finally, the design is tailored to the possibilities and limitations of the DIY and his/her tools. If you have a handsaw (sometimes jigsaw) and drill and can handle it, you can make all our furniture, so to speak. If you have professional tools, it only gets easier.

… Customize

As you may have seen from the photos of other made furniture, it is very easy to make changes to the dimensions and/or design yourself. The clear saw list and building drawings will automatically give you the confidence to do so. This piece of furniture is adapted to a room of about 280 cm high. This allows you to sit on and under the bed. If you have more space in height, you can make the bed higher.


The work drawings pack / the building drawing

The work drawings package consists of a well-crafted PDF brochure of 20 pages in A4 format. At the start you will find the list of necessities such as the wood (sheet material) and screws (size and number), glue and any other parts. It also shows what tools you need, and a cutting list with the sizes of the parts of the furniture to be cut. There is also a cutting plan, which shows the most optimal way to cut the individual pieces from standard sized boards..

Furthermore, the furniture drawing contains a number of applicable furniture making tips on material selection, sawing, screwing, adhesives, sanding and lacquering, etc.
Finally, in a roadmap, the manual for the assembly of the furniture follows, with clear drawings and clear explanations.

Some pages from the furniture plan:

Drawing double high sleeper Carlota Preview 3 pages

Additional information


End product dimensions: H 206 x B 204 x D 218 cm (excluding stairs/cabinet)
Space under the bed: H 170 cm. Top mattress: ± 195 cm
Suitable for two mattresses of 80 x 200 cm. Easy to adjust to a different mattress size.


Sheet material, thickness 18 mm, eg. underlayment and/or mdf, total 5 plates (including stairs/cabinet), firing beams, screws, preferably torx or inbus, White wood glue, Material of your choice for the finish: lacquer, stain o.i.d., Sandpaper


This piece of furniture can be disassembed for storage or transport.

Slatted bases

Excluding slatted base. This bed requires a stiff slatted base.


Sawing (handsaw/jigsaw), Drilling, Screws, Glue


Handsaw/Jigsaw, (Battery) drill, Drills 3,4,5,6 and 10 mm, Sink drill, Screwdriver / bits, Hammer, Drill or hammer drill + stone drill 10 mm

Brochure A4

20 pages A4 with cutting list, cutting diagram, clear drawings, clear explanations and smart furniture making tips.

Dutch design

Professional own design, sleek, spacious. Sturdy and stable

Flexible design

With the manual and drawings it is easy to make changes to the dimensions and/or design.

You can do it too!

The design takes into account the possibilities and limitations of the DIY and his/her tools.


  1. Milly en Peter

    Na een periode van lock down etc, waarbij we niet altijd aan op maat gesneden hout konden komen is de slaapkamer klaar.
    Mijn man heeft de 2 persoons hoogslaper Carlota omgebouwd tot een 1 persoons hoogslaper voor onze tienerdochter. Dan kan ze aan de zijkanten ook nog wat spulletjes kwijt daarboven.

  2. Henk-Jan

    Een paar weken geleden heb ik voor de slaapkamer van mijn dochter de tekening van de hoogslaper Carlota gedownload. Inmiddels is hij, met wat aanpassingen af. Ik heb hem wat verlaagd, smaller gemaakt (ca 1.65m), de trap op een andere plek gemaakt en van de trap een grotere boekenkast gemaakt.

    Het was erg leuk om te bouwen, ook voor een onervaren klusser als ik. En mijn dochter (en ik) zijn erg tevreden met het resultaat!

  3. Arthur

    Het is leuk geworden, ik heb het bed iets aangepast (had niet genoeg breedte) maar resultaat is mooi geworden.. nu verlichting eronder bouwen en beetje gezellig maken.
    Dank voor je tekening.. ga hierna beginnen met de tv kast

  4. Dagmar

    Hij staat! Al lijkt op het eerste oog niet veel op de hoogslaper van de tekening, het is toch echt de carlota! Ik heb tijdens het bouwen heel veel plezier gehad van de tekening, zaaglijst, tips en aanwijzingen, hierdoor was het bed goed te bouwen! Ik heb alles van berken multiplex en vuren gedaan, meeste van het hout komt bij PontMeyer vandaan, alles kan hier op maat gezaagd worden, voor zagen betaal je niet! Heb ervoor gekozen om het hout met bijenwas te behandelen na het schuren. Dit zorgde ervoor dat het hout al enigzins plakte toen ik de balken en ombouw op de vloer in elkaar zette.
    Omdat het bed in een nis is gebouwd heeft hij twee staanders en maar 1 bak naast het matras. Om spullen makkelijk in het bed te kunnen zetten heb ik in de ombouw een inkeping gemaakt.
    Ben heel blij met het resultaat, dankzij de tekening was het ontzettend goed te doen, heel blij dat ik deze heb gekocht!!!

  5. Thijs

    Ik heb via Neo-EKo een tekening gekocht voor een 2 persoons hoogslaper. Het was een van mijn eerste projecten en heb er ook aardig wat adviezen bij nodig gehad. Bij elke mail die ik heb gestuurd werd er netjes gereageerd en zelfs nog even gebeld om telefonisch te helpen. Zeer uitgebreide werktekeningen met duidelijke en goed te volgen instructies!

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