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Warranty, help and back-up

As with all Neo-Eko plans and projects, no warranty or guarantee is offered or entered into.

Help or back-up is limited to e-mail and any help files or back-up pages found in the appropriate pages of the website.

Above that, there is a very good source of helpful information in the form of constructive comments and photos that are sent in by people that have undertaken a Neo-Eko project. They can be found under the menu-item “Reviews” and in the reviews on product pages.

Any user-input content is published solely at the discretion of the webmaster.



Although all due care is taken, no responsibility is accepted by Neo-Eko for any wrongful information, omissions, or any other irregularities regarding any Neo-Eko plan or Neo-Eko article.

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Copyright and limitations of use

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You may download, print or use any Neo-Eko plan for your own personal use.

You may sell an item that you built from a Neo-Eko plan, limited to 1 piece. If you wish to make more copies professionally, contact us and we will sort out some kind of deal that suits us both. Let’s call it a license.

Under no circumstance do we allow any article, or part of, contained in to be displayed in any other website except for excerpts from relevant paragraphs used solely for the purpose of promoting or to describe hyperlinks to any of the Neo-Eko plans or projects. See ‘Linking to Neo-Eko’ below.

We are now committed to taking action against those that infringe upon our copyright and will act vigorously against any violation.

Help us stop intellectual property theft: If you notice any of our data, plans, or images displayed on any site other than, please e-mail us.


Linking to

You are welcome to link to any web page without permission.

You may also copy a short excerpt from a particular web page to use solely as a description or a summary, although we would prefer that you wrote any summary in your own words to avoid search engine confusion.


Privacy Policy

General: We understand that your personal information is important. Neo-Eko respects your privacy and any information collected by Neo-Eko will not be passed onto any third parties.

E-mail: If you contact Neo-Eko, we may keep a record of that correspondence. We do not collect any email addresses (other than opt-in subscribers) of those who communicate with Neo-Eko via e-mail.