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Build your own beautiful loft bed or bunk bed

Are you looking for a beautiful single or double loft bed or high bed, or a bunk bed?

Here you can find drawings / plans / designs for special beds that you can just make yourself. There are DIY designs for two-person high beds, half-height beds and single loft beds for 80 and 90 cm wide mattresses. Prices are generally € 14.95 for a PDF download. You’ll receive an original design with detailed drawings and full instructions.

Furniture plans for diy loft Ana with shelves and small desk

Loft bed Ana en

With help from our design plan, you can easily make this beautiful high bed yourself.
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Drawing DIY plans loft bed 'Wolf'

Loft bed with big desk Wolf en

Loft bed Wolf: a sleek, smart high bed with integrated desk and ample storage space.
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preview-DIY Loft bed AnaXL drawins / plans

Double loft bed Ana en

This double version of our beloved loft bed Ana looks daring, but it really works!
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Build yourself: double high sleeper Carlota

Double loft bed Carlota en

Large loft Carlota: extra living space under your bed.
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DIY: Ideal for a small home: this double bunk bed creates extra living space and storage space.

Double loft bed Carlos en

Double Loft bed Carlos: an attractive space in a room!
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DIY-Loft bed -Carlos- by Pieter, ontwerp, tekeningen en handleiding door Neo-Eko-meubelwerktekening

Double loft bed Carlos by Pieter

The construction of the loft bed has been very successful with your drawings.
DUTCH version ONLY

Drawing DIY plans bunk bed 'Mila'

Bunk Mila

Make this designer bunk bed yourself, with cleverly integrated bookshelf.
DUTCH version ONLY

Drawing DIY plans bunk bed 'Thor'

Bunk bed Thor

Special bunk bed that looks light-hearted because the uprights are not placed at the corners.
DUTCH version ONLY

Drawing DIY plans medium loft bed 'Demi'

Low loft bed Demi

Half-height loft bed Demi: fresh loft bed with ample storage space. Light and airy design.
DUTCH version ONLY

What our customers say…

Lots of people have already used our instructions with design drawings to make their own beautiful loft beds. Take a look at the photos of finished furniture that they have sent us. Also on the product pages of the various models you can read reviews from them about their experiences with building their own loft bed, high bed, bunk bed or half-height bed.

“All together it was not too difficult, even though we are not a much of hobby handymen.”
preview-DIY Loft bed AnaXL drawins / plans
Loft Ana by Bregje
“Here is the final result! I am very happy with it. I’m going to make another one for my daughter.”
Drawing DIY loft bed 'Wolf'
Loft Wolf by Martin
“The front edges appear red but are varnished transparently so that the texture is visible. I really enjoyed.”
Drawing DIY plans medium loft bed 'Demi'
Loft Demi by Pieter

See variations made by our customers to their loft beds…

Neo-Eko manuals with design plans for loft beds and bunk beds offer the possibility to easily change the design to suit your own wishes. Because the underlying design is good, the practical methods and drawings invite you to make changes. In the photos and stories from our customers you can get an idea of what is possible. Not just changes to the dimensions, but also changes to the layout and addition of new elements such as ladders, stairs, desks and bookshelves. Be inspired by the photos of finished furniture that they have sent us. With our design plans you have everything under your control, including the choice of material and finish.