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Furniture plan: make your own Cadi garden set with benches

Stable, sturdy garden table with separate benches. Make this garden set yourself with the help of our construction drawing. The manual is based on scaffolding wood, but can easily be converted to other outdoor wood (eg planed spruce). Robust, yet elegant outdoor table due to the modern design.

  • Clear design, sturdy and solid
  • Clear manual. clear drawings
  • Easy to adjust
  • Including cutting list, material list and cutting plan


Outdoor table with benches Cadi and other outdoor furniture, realized by customers with our construction plan

Outdoor table-Cadi-with-loose-benches-DIY
Outdoor table-Cadi-with-loose-benches-Johan-M
DIY design picnic table 'Ordesa' made by
DIY design picnic table 'Ordesa' made by

Furniture plan for an outdoor table with separate benches ‘Cadi’

Make this stable, sturdy garden table with benches from scratch using our clear construction drawing. You’ll enjoy that for years to come! The manual is tailored to standard sizes of scaffolding wood, but it is easy to convert to other standard available outdoor wood. For the table top and the seat of the benches, we recommend that you halve the length of the scaffolding planks; this makes them less sensitive to weather influences. For the legs of the table and benches you need parts that are wider than a standard scaffold board. In the manual we explain how to do that. Finally, some openings need to be sawn; this is also explained. But if you want to make the table from thick tropical hardwood, you might want to have the sawing done by a professional.

The design

We have of course tried to design an original and practical piece of furniture. With this garden set we have taken a number of specific things into account.
For example, the table can be disassembled to make it easier to store in the winter. Furthermore, the table is super solid, but not so heavy that you can no longer move it.


We pay a lot of attention to keeping screw joints out of sight as much as possible. For the screws that still remain in the picture, you will find instructions to camouflage them as much as possible. If you want to paint the furniture in an opaque color, you can suffice with neatly removing the screw connections with the help of putty. Our furniture makers’ tips describe how to do this.

Making it yourself

Finally, the design is tailored to the possibilities and limitations of the DIY and his/her tools. If you have a handsaw (sometimes jigsaw) and drill and can handle it, you can make all our furniture, so to speak. If you have professional tools, it only gets easier.

Adapt dimensions yourself

As you may have seen from the photos of made furniture, it is very easy to make changes to the dimensions and/or design yourself. The clear saw list and construction drawings automatically give you the confidence to do that.

The work drawings pack / the building drawing

The work drawings package consists of a nicely crafted brochure on A4 format. In the front you will find the list of supplies such as the wood, screws (size and number), glue and any other parts. It also states which tools you need. And to make it complete, a sawing list and sawing plan with the sizes of the parts of the furniture to be sawn.

Tips from the professional

Each furniture design drawing contains several applicable furniture maker tips about the choice of materials, sawing, screws, gluing, sanding and lacquering, etc. When doweling is mentioned as an alternative, an explanation is also included, enough to get started with self-confidence.
Finally, a step-by-step plan follows the manual for the assembly of the furniture, with clear drawings and clear explanations.

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Additional information


Table dimensions: W 90 x H 74 x L 210 cm. Benches: W 28.5 x H 43 x L 210 cm.


Wood: scaffolding wood or spruce or other solid wood garden wood, thickness 30, screws, preferably torx or allen, Waterproof construction glue, The material of choice for the finish: lacquer, stain or similar,, Sandpaper K 120, K 180 (possibly K 220)

Can be dismantled

The table is easy to disassemble with.b regard to storage or transport.


Sawing (handsaw/jigsaw), Drilling, Screws, Glue


Handsaw/Jigsaw, (Cordless) drill,, Drill bits 2,3,4 and 5 mm, Countersink,, Screwdriver / bits

Brochure A4

16 pages A4 with saw frame and saw plan, clear drawings, clear explanations and smart furniture maker tips.

Dutch design

All furniture is our own design, inspired by architecture and interior design.

Flexible design

With the manual and drawings it is easy to make changes to the dimensions and/or design.

You can do it too!

The design takes into account the possibilities and limitations of the DIY and his/her tools.

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  1. Johan

    We wilden graag een buitentafel met losse bankjes. De ‘Cadi’ is ideaal. De bouwtekening en instructies zijn helder en gedetailleerd. Voor een amateur is het prima te doen, al hebben we wel wat hulp gehad van een professional bij het verzagen van de steigerplanken in de verschillende onderdelen. Al en met een leuk project geweest!
    Het ontwerp is prima. Ben geen bijzonderheden tegengekomen. We hebben gisteren getest. Bankjes zijn stevig, zitten prima. De tafel is stevig en robuust.

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