Building your TV cabinet Marisa


Making your own TV stand: marisa cabinet

  • Bright, light design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Also for beginners
  • Clear manual. clear drawings
  • Including cutting list, material list and cutting plan

Build this modern TV cabinet Marisa yourself with the help of our construction drawing. A flat screen TV can be hung above the furniture and all cables can be concealed invisibly. In the furniture there is a lot of space for equipment and DVDs. Through the clever design, screws are out of sight.

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TV-stand Marisa, Making your own modern TV cabinet

This is a new design, there are no photos available yet of TV cabinet Marisa, therefore below photos of other TV furniture made by our customers

Make your own simple TV cabinet

Are you a handy do-it-yourself-er? With the plans for this piece of furniture, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful furniture design in your living room. In our construction drawing you will also find smart furniture makers tricks.
Do you like the design of this TV cabinet, but are you reluctant to build it yourself? Of course you can also ask a handy friend, family member or neighbor to help you. Making your own TV cabinet gives a lot of satisfaction!

Can I make that?

The design is tailored to the possibilities and limitations of the do-it-yourself’er and his/her tools. If you have a hand saw (sometimes jigsaw) and drill and can handle it, you can make all our TV furniture, so to speak. Usually you can have the panels cut by your wood supplier. If you want to do this yourself, we recommend the use of a (plunge) circular saw.

The design

We have of course tried to design an original and practical piece TV stand. With this TV cabinet we have taken a number of specific things into account.


The design is light-footed, the TV is hung on the wall. The sizes are balanced and modest. Because modern equipment was taken into account, the TV cabinet could remain shallow. It takes up little space and all wiring can be neatly concealed.


We pay a lot of attention to keeping screw connections out of sight as much as possible. We already take this into account when designing. For the screws that still remain in view, you will find instructions on how to camouflage them as much as possible. If you want to paint the furniture in an opaque color, you can suffice with neatly concealing the screw connections using putty. Our furniture makers’ tips describe how to do this.


We wanted a light-footed, practical piece of furniture that takes up little space but offers enough space for all the equipment. Cords can be kept neatly out of sight.


We always try to get the furniture from standard dimensions sheet material as efficiently as possible. The dimensions of TV cabinet Marisa are tailored to what you can get out of a 1 standard sheet of 122 x 244 cm.


If you make this TV cabinet from MDF then you are already done with 1 sheet, total from about 30, – euro! But also other sheet material such as e.g. birch or okoumé is very suitable.

… adjustments

As you may have seen from the photos of made furniture, it is very easy to make changes to the dimensions and/or design yourself. The cutting list and design drawings help to give you the confidence to make any changes you like.

The work drawings pack / the furniture plans

The downloadable manual is in the form of an A4 booklet for you to print out yourself. At the start you’ll find a list of necessities, such as the wood (board or sheet material), screws (size and quantity), glue and any other parts. Also listed are the tools that you will need and a cutting list with dimensions of all the parts that make up the piece of furniture. TV-unit Marisa also has a cutting diagram, which shows the most optimal way to cut the individual pieces from standard sized boards.


Each furniture plan contains a number of relevant tips about choice of material, sawing, screws, glue, sanding, painting, varnishing, etc. When dowels are given as an alternative, there is also a detailed explanation so that you can get started with full confidence.
Finally, there is a detailed step-by-step plan for the construction of the furniture, with clear diagrams and simple explanations.

Below as an example three pages from the working drawings package of TV cabinet Arturo

Furniture Plan DIY floating TV cabinet 'Penelope' 3-pages
By purchasing this plan you can confidently build a nice piece of furniture yourself. The design simply works. It is already proven and tested by many DIY’ers. You won’t miss a trick with the useful cutting list and details of everything else that you need. With the handy step-by-step plan you can work quickly and efficiently on the proven construction. The practical furniture makers’ tips will help you build a professional looking piece of furniture that suits your own house. And probably, with this comprehensive manual, things will work out much cheaper and less frustrating than with an incomplete, free drawing that you might find elsewhere…
If you want to build yourself an attractive stand for your TV, with the possibility to adapt it as you like, then the purchase of this design package is an important first step!

Additional information


Dimensions finished product: W 136 x H 58,4 x D 35 cm.. Suitable for a flat screen TV of up to 55 inches.


Wood: sheet material, thickness 18 mm, e.g. MDF, underlayment or birch plywood: 1 sheet, Screws, White wood glue, Sandpaper P 120, P 180


Easy to take apart, for example for storage or transportation.


Sawing (handsaw / jigsaw), drilling, inserting screws, glueing


Handsaw/Jigsaw, (Cordless) drill, Drill bits 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm, Countersink,, Screwdriver / bits


12 pages of A4 with cutting list, cutting diagram, clear drawings & instructions and useful tips

Dutch design

Own professional design, sleek and clear. In the tradition of Dutch Design

Flexible design

With the manual and drawings it’s easy to modify dimensions and/or the design to suit your own needs.

You can do it too!

The design takes into account the possibilities and limitations of the DIY and his/her tools.


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