Plan: Squirrel house Arvilla


Plan: Squirrel nest box

Nice nest box for squirrels to make yourself. Give the squirrel a home in your garden.
You can easily make this nest box yourself, for example from plywood.
Working drawings with step-by-step plan, cut list and cutting plan.
This squirrel villa offers plenty of space for every demanding squirrel family!

  • Bright, luxurious design 😉
  • Fun to make with the kids
  • Also for beginners
  • Clear manual. clear diagrams
  • Including saw list, material list and saw plan

English version!


Squirrel house, nesting box Arvilla, made by customers with our construction plan

Unfortunately, because it is a new model, few photos are available of Arvilla’s squirrel nest box. Therefore, below are also photos of other furniture made by customers. Introduction offer: send us pictures of your final result within 6 weeks after purchase and receive the purchase amount of the furniture plan back! Click on the photos to see more and larger photos and to read the experiences from our customers.
If you want to see what our furniture plan package looks like: Here you will find an example construction plan

Squirrel house Arvilla made by Willy
DIY Build it yourself Free little library by Emmy
Image DIY kitchen garden table Huerta
Photo DIY outdoor sofa 'Yelmo' by

Construction drawing Squirrel house Arvilla

Make this nice squirrel house for the garden yourself with the help of our clear construction drawing. The design is tailored to standard sizes of plywood. This has been taken into account in the dimensions. The overhanging roof protects the box from wind and weather, for the squirrel there are three holes so that he has an escape route if necessary. You can protect the nest box extra with a natural stain or lacquer.

The design

We have of course tried to design a cabinet that is as beautiful and practical as possible. With this squirrel house we have taken a number of specific things into account. This way it fits exactly from the standard sizes of sheet material. (half a plate of 244×59 cm). Two go out of a whole record. The squirrel nest box is solidly executed, due to the smart construction it is super sturdy and easy to open to clean, for example. And of course it looks very cozy!

Also for beginners

Finally, the design is tailored to the capabilities and limitations of the do-it-yourselfer and his/her tools. If you have a handsaw (sometimes jigsaw) and drill and can handle it, you can make all our furniture, so to speak. If you have professional tools, it only gets easier.
This is a nice beginner package, e.g. to make together with the children.

… adjust your own measurements or design

As you may have seen from the photos of made furniture, it is very easy to make changes to the dimensions and/or design yourself. The clear saw list, saw plan and construction drawings automatically give you the confidence to do that. With these dimensions we have based ourselves on the sizes that are common for squirrel nest boxes.

The work drawings pack / the building drawing

The working drawings package consists of a beautifully arranged booklet (pdf) in A4 format. In the front you will find the list of necessities such as wood, screws (size and number), glue and any other parts. It also states which tools you need. And a saw list and saw plan with the dimensions of the parts of the furniture to be cut.

Tips from the professional

Each working drawing contains a number of applicable furniture maker tips about the choice of material, sawing, screwing, gluing, sanding and painting, etc. When doweling is mentioned as an alternative, an explanation is also included, enough to get started with self-confidence.
Finally, a step-by-step plan follows the manual for the assembly of the furniture, with clear drawings and clear explanations.

You can find more information about squirrels on wikipedia.


Below is an example of what our drawings look like

eekhoorn nestkast arvilla preview tekening 3 paginas EN

Additional information


Dimensions: H 36 x W 54 x D 44 cm


Wood: Plywood or solid wood-garden wood for outdoor use, thickness 18 mm, Screws, preferably torx or allen, Waterproof wood glue, The material of choice for the finish: lacquer, stain or similar,, Sandpaper K 120, K 180 (possibly K 220)


Sawing (handsaw/jigsaw), Drilling, Screws, Glue


Handsaw/Jigsaw, (Cordless) drill,, Drills 2,3,4,8 and 10 mm, Countersink,, Screwdriver / bits

Booklet A4

15 pages A4 with saw list and saw plan, clear drawings, clear explanations and smart furniture making tips.

No postage costs

Free shipping: downloadable PDF

Dutch design

All furniture is its own designs, characterized by sober clear lines and a light elegant touch in the tradition of Dutch Design.

Flexible design

With the manual and drawings it is easy to make changes to the dimensions and/or design.

You can do it too!

The design takes into account the possibilities and limitations of the DIY and his/her tools.
This is also a nice beginner's package.


  1. Jip

    Gemaakt door Luca en haar vader Jip

    Rob:”Leuk en goed gecamoufleerd. Hopelijk kunnen de eekhoorns hem vinden ;-).”.
    Jip: Je vraagt om opmerkingen over de bouwtekening. De maten van H4 en H5 zouden hetzelfde moeten zijn. Maar voor H4 is 283 mm en H5 is 271 mm opgegeven. Onderdeel H3 klopt niet. De opgegeven lengte is 513 en dat moet 536 mm zijn..
    Verder is het problematisch om zo’n huisje gewoon aan een boom te schroeven. De boom wordt jaarlijks een paar mm dikker en duwt daardoor het huisje over de schroeven heen zodat het valt. Het is beter om zogenaamde kozijnschroeven of afstandschroeven te gebruiken en wat ruimte vrij te houden tussen de boom en het huisje. De boom kan dan groeien zonder tegen het huisje te drukken. De montage plank V6 zou je dan beter wel dubbeldik moeten maken om de kozijnschroeven meer houvast te geven.
    Rob:”Bedankt voor je reactie. Ik kan me voorstellen dat je meent dat H4 en H5 dezelfde maat zouden hebben. En dat zou ook goed kunnen. Ik heb er echter bewust voor gekozen om het dak aan één zijde iets meer te laten oversteken. Om het geheel van asymmetriën weer in balans te brengen. Maar dat is natuurlijk een kwestie van smaak. H3 moet inderdaad 536 mm zijn 😬. Ik heb het inmiddels aangepast. Bedankt voor het melden!

    ​Wat betreft je tweede opmerking: daar heb je een goed punt. Ik had daar inderdaad geen rekening mee gehouden. En je stelt een mooie oplossing voor. Ik denk dat met goed (niet te zacht) hout 25 mm dikte voor V6 dan zou volstaan. Maar het is wellicht eenvoudiger V6 dubbel te maken en op elkaar te schroeven en lijmen.
    Een andere optie zou kunnen zijn om het huisje met touw aan V6 op te hangen. Maar jouw oplossing is fraaier”.

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